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We are the offshore experts of the BAUER Group providing complete and proven services for Drilled and Grouted Pile Installation in any geotechnical conditions. Our bespoke equipment follows internationally recognised standards, and with our innovative installation method the effects on the marine environment are both short in time and negligible in impact. Our services are cost-efficient at scale, project de-risking, and provide you with a tailored solution for your offshore project.

Our expertise

Our Passion for Progress

With our innovative and experienced team we work together with you to create the best solution for your project.

Environmental impact, cost-efficiency and time-saving are our main priorities when approaching any new and challenging locations.

Besides our bespoke and pioneering equipment with established drilling and grouting processes we also offer additional consultancy for your aspects such als pile design, load capacities, and for multiple aspects of a Floating Wind foundation solution. Just get in touch with us and we will help engineer your solution.

Our Consultancy

Innovations and Developments

We strive to find new solutions that challenge our ways of thinking and expand our horizons. Our innovative team work continuously on improvements to drill deeper, faster and ever more efficiently – these are our drivers. We commit to deliver the best available service for drilled and grouted offshore foundations that are the cornerstones of your project. To further enhance our portfolio of technical services our current focus on key areas of innovation for the offshore equipment and operations include:

Simultaneous drilling and grouting

Our installation method allows to operate up to four units simultaneously. As soon as one drill has finished, we commence the first grouting operation whilst drilling continues. This saves considerable time for Jacket Installations.

Electrification of prime mover

This is a major aspect of our goal to further contribute to a sustainable offshore industry – to develop the world’s first purely electrically driven subsea drill.

Integrated subsea power packs

Our Dive Drill will be the world’s first subsea drill with integrated subsea power pack making our operations more efficient and reducing the required deck space.

Increased water depth ranges

We are developing our equipment to reach new water depths of more than 200 m. This will allow us to cover ever larger areas with our equipment and services.


To make mobilization and demobilization as efficient and short as possible, we are working on further modularization of our equipment. Upon arrival at the mobilizing port, each equipment module will allow direct installation onboard the vessel and rapid hook-up.


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